Casting Service for Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts

Casting Service for Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts

We supply Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts. We have been providing high-end customized Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts for Europe and America market. we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

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Casting Service for Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts

Investment casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes, dating back thousands of years, in which molten metal is poured into an expendable ceramic mold. We supply Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts. We have been providing high-end customized Precision Casting Auto Ceiling Lamp Parts for Europe and America market. 

OEM serviceoffered
Available materialszinc,magnesium alloy,copper alloy,aluminum,Zinc brass alloy.
Surface treatmentCustomized(Polishing,plating,electrophoresis etc)
ApplicationLed lighting parts
Product typealuminum precision casting parts
Delivery timewithin 20 days
SpecificationsAs your order
QUality control100% before shipment
Sales Teamresponse within 24 hours

1, Casting dimension accuracy is high, the general linear tolerance is 1%, angle tolerance: + / - 1/2 degree, surface roughness is Ra 1.6 3.2, material and machining cost can be saved.

2, Complicated shape part is available, multiple complex parts can be casted together to save combination and welding work.

3, Cast LOGO design or letters directly on your parts to improve advertising image.

4, Casting material is properties.  Heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, material hardness can reach to HRC15-60 in order to meet the requirements under various working conditions.

5, QTY is Flexible. From small to large quantitie, casting has high efficiency and good repeatability. Mould or other cost is low at early stage of product development.

Investment casting requires the use of a metal die, wax, ceramic slurry, furnace, molten metal, and any machines needed for sandblasting, 

cutting, or grinding. 

The process steps include the following:

Pattern creation - The wax patterns are typically injection molded into a metal die and are formed as one piece. 

Mold creation - This "pattern tree" is dipped into a slurry of fine ceramic particles, coated with more coarse particles, and then 

dried to form a ceramic shell around the patterns and gating system. This process is repeated until the shell is thick enough to

withstand the molten metal it will encounter. The shell is then placed into an oven and the wax is melted out leaving a hollow ceramic 

shell that acts as a one-piece mold, hence the name "lost wax" casting.

Pouring - The mold is preheated in a furnace to approximately 1000°C (1832°F) and the molten metal is poured from a ladle into 

the gating system of the mold, filling the mold cavity. 

Cooling - After the mold has been filled, the molten metal is allowed to cool and solidify into the shape of the final casting. 

Casting removal - After the molten metal has cooled, the mold can be broken and the casting removed.

Finishing - Often times, finishing operations such as grinding or sandblasting are used to smooth the part at the gates. Heat 

treatment is also sometimes used to harden the final part. Our surface finish are Blacking,polishing,anodization,chrome plating,

zinc plating,nickel plating,tinting. Aluminum alloy die casting powder (powder coating), the lacquer that bake, fuel injection, oxidation, 

sand blasting, electroplating, etc. According to the thickness of the product surface treatment, different degree of finish.

Material for Precision Casting Parts

1.Sand casting&Gravity casting&Low pressure die casting:

A356/A319/A413/ZL101/ZL102/ZL104/ZL107/LM6//LM/20/LM25/EN AC-42100/EN AC-42200/EN AC-43000/  EN AC-43200/EN AC-43300/ENAC-43400/EN AC-44200/EN AC-44300/EN AC-46000/EN AC-46200

2.High pressure die casting:


3.CNC machining casting

Aluminum Alloy:5052 /6061/ 6063 / 2017 / 7075 / etc.

Brass: 3602 / 2604 / H59 / H62 / etc.

Stainless Steel Alloy:303 / 304 / 316 / 412 / etc.

Steel Alloy: Carbon Steel / Die Steel / etc.

Other Special Materials: cast iron / grey iron / ductile iron / zinc / Lucite / Nylon / Bakelite / etc.

QC,Packing and Delivery for Precision Casting Parts

For the sake of in-time delivery and providing the highest quality. We ensure the below points:

1.Tech-support: Free online quote and Free production design (DFM).

2.Real Material: Check each material by OES and offer Material Cert.

3.Processing Control: Strictly processing control including first article inspection(FAI).

4.Immaculate Output: finished product inspection & quality report.

Samples or prototypes will be sent by DHL acquiescently to short the delivery time, if no specify. Mass production will be shipped by sea or air accordingly.

Sample and mould making--------------------------15-25 days   

Small volume production-----------------------------15-35 days

Volume production-------------------------------------depend on detail.

                                                             We guarantee

       you will get the most professional service from our work staff from the very beginning receipt of your initial inquiry to your confirmation of the parts. 100% warranty against product defect, or Molto takes full responsibility for extra costs. Also, you'll get the best unique service in the world from China.  

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