High Precision CNC machining service for Machined aluminum auto part

High Precision CNC machining service for Machined aluminum auto part

We supply precision cnc machining service for high quality auto parts.We have been providing high-end customized racing car parts for Europe and America market.we devoted ourselves to auto parts many years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

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High Precision CNC machining service for Machined aluminum auto part

CNC is short for computer control machine, a program controlled by the automated machine. The control system can logically process a program with control codes or other symbol instructions. CNC center performs a prescribed action by decoding and tool cutting to get a semi-finished or finished CNC machined part.

1We offer contract manufacturing and make parts by ourselves, keep product information safety.

2. Use advance measurement techniques like 2D, 3D inspection to control the tolerance in +-0.001mm to +-0.1mm.

3. Over 13 years working experience with abundant processing skills, we will try the best to find out the most super value solution.

4Fully equipped with over high tech 22 CNC, we are able to ensure the delivery and make mass production.

5. Imported American 4 axis, 5 axis CNC machines, the biggest run range is 1.8m, we can do large machining and complex machining with high precision.

Precision CNC machining has the following advantages:

① If you want to change the shape and size of parts, only need to modify the parts processing procedures for new product development and modification.

② Good quality and high precision machining

③ more varieties, higher production efficiency for small batch production.

④ Complex CNC machining and milling can process complex surface parts, even some invisible places in a part.

Surface Finish Service for cnc Machined aluminum auto part

We can achieve a lot of surface finishes such as high gloss polishing , anodizing, sandblasting, plating powdering, painting, brush, vapor polishing, etching, engraving etc. Which can totally satisfy your visual appeal or practical purpose.

Pls see partial surface finishes:

Our products have been widely used in the field of medical equipment, robots, aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery etc.

1. computer, PC, mobile phone, MP3, fax machine, mouse etc.
2. Motorcycle parts, car decorations of inner side, auto video case .
3. Air conditioner, fridge,cleaner,electric fan, coffee pot, electric rice cookers etc.
4. Ultrasonic machine, X ray machine, instrument, monitor, analyzer etc.
5. Car model, Motorcycle model, small plastic toy people, toy train and so on.

QC,Packing and Delivery for cnc Machined aluminum auto part

For the sake of in-time delivery and providing the highest quality. We ensure the below points:

1.Tech-support: Free online quote and Free production design (DFM).

2.Real Material: Check each material by OES and offer Material Cert.

3.Processing Control: Strictly processing control including first article inspection(FAI).

4.Immaculate Output: finished product inspection & quality report.

Samples or prototypes will be sent by DHL acquiescently to short the delivery time, if no specify. Mass production will be shipped by sea or air accordingly.

Prototypes ( 1-10pcs )-------------------------------------1-5 days   

Small volume production( 10-50pcs )-------------------5-10 days

Volume production( 50pcs + )----------------------------depend on detail.

                                                         We guarantee

       you will get the most professional service from our work staff from the very beginning receipt of your initial inquiry to your confirmation of the parts. 100% warranty against product defect, or Molto takes full responsibility for extra costs. Also, you'll get the best unique service in the world from China.  

Oh! Don't forget! 

   You also can get a very favorable price!

             Get a free quote or just consult your projects, pls contact:           



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