Precision Micro CNC Turning and Machining aluminum parts

Precision Micro CNC Turning and Machining aluminum parts

Molto provide Precision Micro CNC Turning and Machining aluminum parts,we devoted ourselves to auto parts many years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.​

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Precision Micro CNC Turning and Machining aluminum parts

CNC milling

Computer Numerical Control Milling Machine is operated with the aid of a computer. There are 2 basic classification, horizontal and vertical which describes the orientation of the main spindle. Milling Machines perform a variety of operations including: planning, drilling, keyway cutting, diesinking and contouring.

CNC Turning

The process by which a material is cut as the part is rotated while a single point cutting tool is moved parallel to the axis of the 

rotating part. A few of the non-specific operation are: boring, drilling, knurling, reaming and threading.


The process of CNC machining of very small and precise parts and components for a variety of industries including medical 

machining and dental machining. Some of these include: bone screws, surgical tools, pump components, valves and many more.

Tolerance for Precision Micro CNC Turning and Machining aluminum parts :

CNC machining tolerance, usually of metal parts for DIN - 2768-1 -, the plastic parts for DIN - 2768-1 -. Wall thickness, material and geometry will seriously affect the tolerance. We will try our best to meet customer requirements.

cnc machining part.jpg

cnc machining.jpg

Precision medical machining and other CNC machining for parts with high precision require knowledge of the industries. It also requires acquired skill through years of experience, advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology, and up-to-date machining equipment. Our highly trained employees complete CNC precision machining—of intricate components for highly complex industries—out of a technologically advanced jobshop. Our products have been widely used in the field of medical equipment, robots, aerospace, automotive, electronics, machinery etc.

QC,Packing and Delivery for Precision Micro CNC Turning and Machining aluminum parts

For the sake of in-time delivery and providing the highest quality. We ensure the below points:

1.Tech-support: Free online quote and Free production design (DFM).

2.Real Material: Check each material by OES and offer Material Cert.

3.Processing Control: Strictly processing control including first article inspection(FAI).

4.Immaculate Output: finished product inspection & quality report.

Samples or prototypes will be sent by DHL acquiescently to short the delivery time, if no specify. Mass production will be shipped by sea or air accordingly.

Prototypes ( 1-10pcs )-------------------------------------1-5 days   

Small volume production( 10-50pcs )-------------------5-10 days

Volume production( 50pcs + )----------------------------depend on detail.

                                                         We guarantee

       you will get the most professional service from our work staff from the very beginning receipt of your initial inquiry to your confirmation of the parts. 100% warranty against product defect, or Molto takes full responsibility for extra costs. Also, you'll get the best unique service in the world from China.  

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Medical Machining

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