Automative Machining For Precision CNC Machined Components

Automative Machining For Precision CNC Machined Components

Molto supply professional machining service for precision cnc machined components, which will ensure the quality and give you satification.

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Product Details

Specifications for precision cnc machined components:

1. [Material]: stainless steel

2. [surface treatment]: Ra0.8

3. [Tolerance]: 

Outside diameter tolerance +/- 0.05mm

Length tolerance +/- 0.05 mm

Threads can be checked by Go-no go gauge

4. [processing methods]: precision machining according to drawing or sample.



Precision CNC machining and other CNC machining for parts with high precision require knowledge of the industries. It also requires acquired skill through years of experience, advanced CNC, and advanced machining equipment. Molto precision machine shop can meet your request and give you a pleased solution with affordable price. 

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