Precision Turbo Parts

Precision Turbo Parts

Our factory is specialize in manufactring all kinds of precision turbo parts. The precision turbo parts are made from metal material,like cast iron ,steel,stainless steel,alloysteel and so on. The precision turbo parts are for Toyota,Mitsbishi,GM,Nissan,Volvo and so on. Our production had past the ISO9001:2000 Quality Systerm Certification. Our products 1. Best material with good equipment to make sure the best quality. 2. Real factory is the guarantee of delivery time 3. Past the ISO9001:2000 System Quality Certification 4. Material:carbon steel,alloy steel 5. Diameter:100mm-500mm 6. Do precision turbo parts by OEM or customers' sample or drawing

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Our factory is specialize in manufactring all kinds of precision turbo parts.

The precision turbo parts are made from metal material,like cast iron ,steel,stainless steel,alloysteel and so on.

The precision turbo parts are for Toyota,Mitsbishi,GM,Nissan,Volvo and so on.

Our production had past the ISO9001:2000 Quality Systerm Certification.

Our products

1. Best material with good equipment to make sure the best quality.

2. Real factory  is the guarantee of  delivery time

3. Past the ISO9001:2000 System Quality Certification

4. Material:carbon steel,alloy steel

5. Diameter:100mm-500mm

6. Do precision turbo parts by OEM or customers' sample or drawing

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