1. What About prototyping, low volume production, volume production? 

Prototyping: 1-10pcs

Low volume production: 10-50pcs

Volume production: 50pcs +


2. How about the MOQ?  

MOQ: 1piece


3. How about the delivery?

Samples: 1-7 days

low volume production: 10-20days

Volume production: depend on detail.

Molto cooperate with DHL,FEDEX,TNT,UPS to deliver as fast as we can. Besides, we have enough capability and   will make the best solution in producing for a fast delivery.


4. What kind of material is available?

Pls check our normal material list:http://www.molto-engineering.com/info/cast-widely-used-why-497128.html

Of course, if you need a customized material, we can make it.


5. What kind of surface finish you can achieve?

We can finish all kinds of surface treatment as you require, normally like: Anodizing; Black Oxide;           Electroplating; Heat Treating; Brushing; Grinding; Polishing; Painting; Powder Coating etc. If you need your     parts special, we also can take it!


6. What skills you have? Can you hold my tolerance tight?

 Unlike other Chinese factories, we use imported Akira-Seiki CNC centers and other machines to ensure the    quality. We provide precision engineering, machining, milling, turning, surface polishing, cutting, EDM spark  molding processing services etc to better serve your projects.

 About tolerance: Our general tolerances for CNC machining of metals is DIN-2768-1-fine and for plastics DIN-  2768-1-medium. Metal part Min tolerance: 0.001mm, plastic Min part: 0.01mm.


                      if you need a free quote or have questions: