The Total Number Of Domestic Die Casting Molds Jumped To Second Place In The World

- Jun 12, 2018-

In recent years, China's die-casting industry has rapidly developed by virtue of its uniquely broad market, relatively low resources and labor advantages, and it has a significant advantage in the international die-casting purchase trade. The total volume of die-casting molds has grown significantly. According to statistics, it has now risen to the second place in the world, second only to the United States, and has become a truly die-casting power. The future development prospects are very broad.

Under the turbulent tide of informatization, the third revolution in the die-casting industry has kicked off. With the rapid development of the world economy, the international die-casting and foundry bases and centers are gradually shifting to China. The huge amount of orders, China's die-casting industry is facing unprecedented opportunities for development, the total amount of die-casting products has increased significantly, but at the same time also put forward higher, more complex and more stringent requirements for China's die-casting mold industry, but believe that in the domestic die-casting enterprises The active response and the scientific guidance of the government will surely complete the magnificent transition from the current die-casting Great National Road to the goal of becoming a die-casting power.

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