China CNC Machining Zinc Oxide

- Nov 12, 2016-

  • Die Casting Method: Oxygenase Die Casting

  • Machining: Machining Center

  • Surface Preparation: Anodize

  • Tolerance Grade: 0.02

  • Processing: Die Casting

  • Usage: Home Appliance

  • Die Casting Machine Type: Hot Chamber Die Casting Machine

  • Application: Agricultural Machinery Parts

  • Material: Aluminum Alloy

  • Pressure Chamber Structure: Horizontal

  • Casting Surface Quality Level: 1

  • Trademark: Aluminium casting

  • Origin: Made in China

Product Description

Aluminum Die Casting Alloys:
* Lightweight
* High dimensional stability for complex shapes & thin walls
* Good Corrosion Resistance & Mechanical Properties
* High Thermal & Electrical Conductivity
* High Strength at High Temperatures
At Three Plastic, all Aluminum die casting tooling design and producing would be approval by
Three plastic standard firstly and also meet our clients' requires. Production progress are strictly implemented by ISO , which includes full testing reports etc.

Who are we?

1: Producer of die mould for electronics products, small auto parts, toy, industrial parts, plastic parts & die casting.

2: Mold design, mold-making, product design, mold flow analysis, injection products. Silkscreen, Painting and assembly service

Production Process:
Tooling Lead time:3-6 weeks. Depends on mold structure
Tooling Lifetime:50000 shots to 500000 shots
Weight per unit:Can cast from 0.02 to 5kgs per piece
Tolerance:+/-0.05mm (secondary machining is available for tight tolerance)
Materials Applied:DA2,A380,6061-T6,6063,A356,ADC10,ADC12,A383 etc
Die Casting Process:CNC turning, milling, drilling, grinding, cutting, reaming and threading
Surface Treatment:1:Al Die-Casting:
Anodizing, Sandblasting, Oxidation, Powder Electrophoresis, Painting
2:Zinc die casting: Electroplating, Fused , Powder, Spray
Quality System
*Initial sample test reports
*Check list of Material
*Dimension testing reports
*DFM reports
*Mould progress reports
*Full testing reports
Our Advantage:*KAIZEN system
*Design house
*ID capabilities
*Trust test factory
*PCBA solutions for housing
*OEM&ODM assembly
Our team30% mold designer over more than 15 design experience
50% mold engineers have more than 20 years in engineering 50% management & development staff have study abroad in US, Japan, Germany

Why choose Three Plastic as a partner?

-Language: English, Japanese, Chinese option, rapidly read drawings, techinique require and product specification.

-Experience: 10 years Japan mould production system & Mould development processing, shorter cycle time, more competitive price.

-Transportation: Exclusive logistics company,7 days to US,1 days to Japan

-After service: Door to Door Service, can go to US & Japan for adjust &repair machine and technique communications.


Q: What type format drawing you offering and design?
A: Design software: UG-NX 7, PROE 5.0
Engineer drawings: X_T, IGES, STEP, Pro-E

Q: How about the working time?
A: 2 shifts, 6 days a week for production line workers, 10 working-hours per day, two hours belongs to overtime.

Q: How about your yearly production turnover, annual output of mold?
A: At 2013, our yearly turnover is 3.5 million USD, The annual output around 150 sets of mold.

Q:How many worker staff  in your factory?
200 employees of Dec of 2014, 5 designers, 5 quality staff, 50 people in mold department, 80 people in injection department.

Q:  Whether the new employees need training while they enter the factory?
Yes, all new employees got training for three month before starts working

Q: What's normally mold steel supplier? Any material certificated provides?
A:-LKM, GS, Ming lee, DAIDO are our general supplier.
- US standard mold steel: P20,420,H13,D2
-Germany standard mold steel: 1.2738, 1.2311, 1.2711, 1.2316, 1.2083, 1.2344, 1.2379
-Steel and harden reports treatments certification supply

Q: Is there a mold flow analysis before making the mold? Which software do you use often?
A:Yes, with mold flow analysis, normally use MPI, MPA software which are owned by American mold Flow Company.

Q:what should you do while molds does not work at clients factory?
A:We will give a careful inspection for the mold to avoid such case before delivery. But if it happens, we will decide whether to reproduce the mold according to customer's feedback.

Q: Where are your major customers and what manufacture standards have you mastered?
A: Our major market is Japan, Europe North America
We usually use HSACO and DME standard to produce the mold.

Q: What do you like to use hot runner? Which brand do you use normally?
HASCO, YUDO, Mold Master (Used most)

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