What Are The Surface Treatments Of Custom Plastic Parts ?

- Dec 13, 2017-

Prototype after machining through the machines, we need to do some surface post-processing process, you can make the appearance of the prototype more beautiful, basic prototype surface treatment is polished, fuel injection, like some products require a relatively high process will be more, the following introduction of the custom plastic parts

surface treatment process:

1.Polishing: Prototype just from the machine processing out of the surface will have burr, the need to polished smooth.

2.Fuel injection: Do the prototype samples can be in accordance with the requirements of customers sprayed on the required color, so that the prototype samples more vivid, bright, increase the real sense of prototype samples.

3.Silk printing: On the surface of the prototype printed on the customer requirements of the text or design.

4.Electroplating: The sample before electroplating must be very smooth, can not have any traces of impurities, and then soaked in the chemical syrup. The operation is divided into: water and vacuum ferry, plastic prototype plating effect is better, but the PC material electroplating is more difficult.

5. Over UV: On the surface of the prototype sprayed with a layer of transparent oil, with ultraviolet light baked dry, so that the product brighter, more not to spend, like a layer of protective layer.

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