Do You Know The Clear Angle Process

- Jan 23, 2021-

Some engineers will have assembly requirements when designing a complete set of products, and some assembly stations will require CNC machining manufacturers to perform corner cleaning to ensure a perfect fit. So what is clear angle treatment?

Clear angle is a technical term in the CNC Machining industry, that is, machining some of 

the processed arc positions into a right-angle position or a shape that can perfectly fit another workpiece. Generally speaking, the angle clearing can be completed by electric spark or wire cutting. If it is straight and penetrating, it can be directly processed by wire cutting. If it is inclined or not penetrated, electric spark is required. Process to complete. It is worth noting that, whether it is EDM or wire cutting process, there will be a certain fire pattern or wire cutting pattern. If you have certain requirements on the surface of the product, you need to perform surface treatment to improve the texture.

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Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD CNC machining manufacturers focus on 10-1000 pieces of Precision Low-volume Manufacturing Service, which can provide a series of services from raw materials-machining-surface treatment-assembly.

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