Lost Wax Aluminum Casting

- Jun 13, 2018-

Investment aluminum casting, also known as "lost-wax aluminum casting", usually involves coating several layers of refractories on the surface of wax molds. After hardening and drying, the wax molds are melted to form shells, which are then baked and then poured.  And a method of obtaining a casting, because the obtained casting has a higher dimensional accuracy and surface finish, it is also known as "investment precision casting"

Step: Manufacture of investment molds - assembly of investment molds - manufacture of shells (oil removal and degreasing of a module; 2. coating and sanding on a module; 3. drying and hardening of shells; 4. dewaxing ; 5. Roasted shell) - pouring and cleaning.

Required materials: wax, shell refractory materials (such as quartz sand, bauxite, etc.), binders (such as water glass, ethyl silicate, silica sol, etc.), hardeners (such as ammonium chloride, etc.), coatings

lost wax aluminum casting.png

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