What Kind Of Tool Is Used For Machining Cnc Plastic Turning Parts?

- Dec 15, 2018-

What kind of tool is used for machining cnc plastic turning parts?

Look at what plastic. PVC plastics are extremely abrasive to high speed steel tools. It is recommended to consider hard alloys.
Turning plastics, in general, the best use of high-speed steel - because it can be used for flexible grinding.
When grinding the tool, strive for sharpness - use a large front angle, a large back angle, a small tip angle, as far as possible to smooth the front face, while ensuring that the blade is very sharp.
If the tool is not sharp enough, the plastic chip deformation is too large, the temperature rises rapidly, and the plastic is easily melted and adhered to the workpiece, and the processing quality is extremely poor or even impossible to process.
In addition, the plastic has low strength and low rigidity, and is easily deformed during processing, resulting in problems such as taper. In order to protect the rigidity of the workpiece, a large depth of cut and a small feed should be used as much as possible.
For example, a small cylinder with a diameter of 25mm bar 10mm can be used without a rough car.
When programming, the rigidity of the workpiece is also considered in the machining process. For example, the slender shaft can be segmented and segmented, and it is forbidden to directly rough the slender shaft.
In addition, the external turning angle of the external turning tool can be greater than 90°, and the cutting force is partially directed to the X+ direction to compensate for the radial deformation and reduce the taper.
The cutting line speed should not be too high to prevent the plastic from melting.
As long as the tool is suitable, the cutting amount is reasonable. In most cases, the dry cutting can be performed without considering cooling.Carbide tools are also used to sharpen the sharpness.

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