Machining Of Robot Parts

- Nov 23, 2020-

Industrial robot as an important link in "machine substitution", brought to the attention of the more and more countries in recent years.

Machining of robot parts

Industrial robot industry chain in China has tended to be complete, Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD is very optimistic about the prospect of the robot industry ,

We have been for Shanghai ABB robot manufacturers such as CNC machining robot parts service for many years, and we are committed to the development of robot industry contributes an own strength.

We recently had a new customer, Mr. Long from Shang Hai, who found us through Internet search. He wants to do a set of robot joint processing and his company attaches great importance to this project. When he heard that we have a long-term cooperation with ABB, he immediately sent the drawing file to negotiate with our engineer.

When talking about the details of machining, we carried out risk assessment and process analysis on product processing for the customer, and he also listened to our suggestions and made some small changes, such as changing the right Angle of non-assembly position to the minimum R Angle, and selecting materials to achieve beauty and ensure strength .

In order to ensure the normal operation, the choice of material and the tolerance should be well controlled in processing.

After a period of time, we finished the production of this project very smoothly and delivered it to Mr. Long . He was also very satisfied with the products.

Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD has 10 years of machining experience and provides machining services for more than 20 robot r&d companies, such as ABB Robot in Shanghai and robot project of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, which have been highly praised by customers!

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