Metal Prototype Fabrication

- Nov 25, 2020-

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discuss.Threads are extremely widely used in daily life, so there are many types of thread

products on the market, and the standards for detecting threads are also uneven.

Conventional thread inspection methods are generally calibrated with threaded stop

gauges. Since the advent of threaded integrated measuring machines, the measurement of

thread integrated parameters has become more standardized. What are the methods for

detecting thread? Let's compare the four methods used to detect threats on the market

Metal Prototype Fabrication

First, the use of thread through the stop detection method:

This method of detecting threads is relatively traditional and is a relatively large

method of use. When detecting the thread, first use the through the end. If the end of

the gauge can pass, the end cannot pass. In theory, the threaded workpiece meets the


Second, use a three-needle (double needle) measurement method:

The method of measuring the diameter of the thread by the measuring needle is called the

three-needle (double needle) measuring method. When detecting the thread, the measuring

needle of the same diameter D is placed in the groove of the thread, and the size M is

measured by the micrometer. These two measuring needle detection methods are mainly used

to measure whether the middle diameter of the thread is correct, but the diameter of the

thread itself has tolerance, so the detected result also has a certain deviation, and the

accuracy is not very high.

Third, the use of thread micrometer detection method:

This method uses a thread micrometer to detect the median diameter of the threaded

workpiece. The triangular thread is generally measured. The detection method is the same

as the outer diameter micrometer. There are two contacts with the same thread angle, one

is a cone and the other is a groove. Measuring contacts of different distances are

available for different profile angles and pitches. When detecting the thread, adjust the

two contacts of the thread micrometer to the position, just to catch the threaded surface

of the thread, and the obtained parameter is the actual size of the diameter of the thread.

Fourth, use the SJ5200 threaded comprehensive measuring machine to detect the full

parameters of the thread:

SJ5200 thread integrated measuring machine can automatically measure thread gauge or

threaded workpiece. The tester only needs to install the thread to be tested. Select the

size, parameter, and range of the thread to be tested on the verification software. Click

the start button and the system can be fully The test is automatically completed and the

profile of the thread profile is displayed in real time. The system calculates the thread

parameters such as large diameter, medium diameter, small diameter, tooth angle and

pitch, and judges the parameters of the thread to be tested according to the system of

thread standard database. The measurement process is 2 Completed in minutes, the

measurement results are automatically generated after the test is completed for the user

to view the print.

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