Precision type high pressure die casting aluminum alloy, milling machine processing is complete

- Feb 19, 2017-

With accumulated 8 years, experience in the industry, wise full has established its name is metallic

Processing, surface treatment and thermal module development

From aluminum, stainless steel, copper to iron, we develop not only quality parts, serving the designated  function (thermal, management, structure supports and more), but also exceptional visual effect by using CNC, anodizing, bead blasting, painting, e-coating, laser, diamond cutting and more

We work with our clients from the design phase, provide one-stop service and in-industry expertise and ultimately, aim to be part of all clients growth

Our product range: casing/panel/cover for multimedia devices (home commercial/portable), computer parts and accessories, industrial/telecom, parts and other assembly products


ODM or OEM: we start from a thermal design company, not just a manufacturerPrecise dimensions

Compliant with the RoHS Directive

Drawing design correction

Free engineering service

Total project control service

Reverse engineering service

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