Professional CNC Precision Machining

- Jan 06, 2021-

When you want to test the function of the newly designed metal motor case, but it has not yet reached mass production, how do you realize this motor case? Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD can help you achieve this. Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD has provided precision machining services for metal motor housings for more than 20 R&D companies.

When the metal motor housing is in the sample stage, the precision CNC machining process is generally selected. Precision CNC machining can realize the process from design to finished product in a short time. Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD can not only do precision machining, It can also help customers achieve other appearance performance and assembly requirements, such as beauty, durability, rust prevention, electrical conductivity and other functions. We can provide customers with 21 types of personalized surface treatment requirements; and we have 12 years of precision manual assembly masters , Can assist in assembly to ensure that the product can be used directly by the customer.1-500 pieces of metal motor housings came to Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD to solve a series of problems of processing, precision, surface treatment and assembly for customers. Molto Precise Machining Co.,LTD  saves 20% for customers % Of the time cost. 

If you are also looking for a manufacturer of metal motor shell processing, please contact us quickly!

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