Sandblasting And Shot Blasting

- Mar 02, 2021-

Sandblasting is one of the commonly used surface treatments for hardware and plastic products. It improves cleanliness and roughness and increases the adhesion and durability between the product and the coating. Therefore, many surface treatments choose sandblasting as the surface treatment. Its pre-treatment, such as: sandblasting + anodizing, sandblasting + electroplating, sandblasting + electrophoresis, sandblasting + dusting, sandblasting + baking varnish, sandblasting + passivation. Sand materials have different thickness models, such as: 80#, 100#, 120#, 220#, 280#, etc. The larger the model number, the finer the sandblasting effect. Sandblasting is suitable for: electronic products, digital products, electrical products, robot products, lighting parts, mechanical parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, medical equipment parts, signal receiver parts, imaging equipment, sports equipment, etc., ZhuanXin Precision According to the needs of customers, we can customize the thickness of sandblasting and combine other surface treatments to make your products more attractive. If you need sandblasted prototype and precision parts project, contact us

Shot blasting is to throw a projectile with a diameter of about 0.2~3.0mm to the surface of the workpiece. When the stress is removed, the surface of the workpiece reaches a certain roughness, and the surface consistency is also strengthened. By improving the surface roughness of the workpiece. It also improves the adhesion of the workpiece to subsequent dusting or baking. Shot blasting is used in most areas of industry, such as marine parts, automotive parts, motorcycle parts, aircraft parts, oil pipelines, gas control systems, lighting hardware, etc., and is often used for post-processing of casting processes.

The difference between sand blasting and shot blasting

 Blasting can modify the surface of the part. Shot blasting is not only a modification of the surface, but also the effect of stress relief. 

 Sandblasting is suitable for hardware and plastic materials, and shot blasting is only suitable for hardware materials. 

 The material used for sandblasting is emery, with a water chestnut, and the small steel ball used for shot blasting is round.

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