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- Aug 03, 2016-

Customized precision sheet metal stamping manufacturing RoHS compliant
Metal stamping parts are a parts that made through forming a metal plate/strip into specific shape and size, using cutting, blanking and stamping machine.Supported with these machines, we can make metal stamping parts at any shapes and sizes.We have cutting machine, blanking, stamping and punching machines with varies capacity from 5 to 350 tons, enable us to forming plate at any thickness, shapes and sizes.The material we can process are :
- Mild Steel
- Alloy Steel
- Carbon Steel
- Stainless Steel
- Aluminium
- Copper, Bronze, Brass etc

We also offer surface treatment, such as :
- nickel plating
- chrome plating
- zinc plating
- powder coating
- anodizing etc.

Manufacturing Capabilities :
1.Materials:Carbon steel (hot rolled,cold rolled,strip steel), stainless steel, aluminum, brass ,etc
2.Processing:Stamping, punching, bending, welding, threading, grinding ,milling, CNC machining, lathe,assembling etc.
3.Press:From 25 MT to 250MT.
4.Finish:Anodizing, Powder-Coating, Zinc-Plated, Chrome coated ,Nickel Plated ,Hex Chrome Zinc, Rust-inhibiting oils, Electroplate, Paints and primers, blacking, etc
5.Industry:These parts are used in Automotive, Electrical, Building, Furniture, Machine assembly, Computer, Air industry.
6.OEM orders are welcomed , for any stamping parts
7.Clients mainly located in US and Europe countries.
8.Certificate:ISO9001:2008 certificated

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