What Are The Requirements For Stamped Part Auto Part

- Aug 25, 2020-

1. The surface quality of the product.

Any minor flaws on the surface of stamped part auto part will be realized after painting, affecting the appearance of the product, because the surface of stamped part auto part is not allowed to have ripples, wrinkles, dents, edge pull marks, scratches and other damaged surfaces Some flaws in aesthetics. stamped part auto part require that the upper ribs and decorative ridges are clear, smooth, evenly transitioned and symmetrical, and the ridges between the automobile stamping parts must be smoothly connected, and there should be no uneven contrast. Stamping parts must not only meet the structural and functional requirements, but also the surface quality requirements.

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2. Overall size and shape.

The shapes of stamped part auto part are mostly three-dimensional shapes. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately and completely express the size and shape of the stamped part auto part. Therefore, mold designers generally use the main model to determine the outline dimensions of the stamped part auto part. . The main model is the main basis for the modeling of stamped part auto part. Not only all the dimensions and shapes marked on the stamped part auto part drawing, including the positions and shape dimensions of various holes, three-dimensional surface shapes, shape transition dimensions, etc., must be consistent with the main model , And the dimensions of the same kind of stamped part auto part that cannot be marked should be measured through the main model. In a sense, the main model is a necessary supplement to the stamped part auto part drawing. In addition, because the shape of stamped part auto part is very complicated, the rebound of the material is very difficult to control, which increases the difficulty of controlling the accuracy of the product's shape.

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3. Strength and rigidity.

When the stamped part auto part are deep-drawn, due to the insufficient thinning rate and uneven plastic deformation, the rigidity of some parts is usually poor, causing the product to sink locally. Moreover, stamped part auto part with unsatisfactory strength and rigidity will produce a hollow sound when they are subjected to vibration. If such stamped part auto part are used to assemble a car, and the car will vibrate at high speeds, it will seriously reduce the impact of the stamped part auto part. In summary, the strength and rigidity of stamped part auto part has a very important influence on the quality of stamped part auto part.

4. Processing technology.

The structural shape and size of stamped part auto part determine that the process has a certain degree of complexity, and it is impossible to directly process them in one process. At least three processing processes are required. However, the spatial surface shape of automobile stamping parts, as well as the bosses, ribs and ridges on the curved surface, should be formed by one-time deep drawing as much as possible, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the smooth surface and geometrical consistency of the stamped part auto part.

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