China Heat Treated Car Engine Cover parts

China Heat Treated Car Engine Cover parts

We supply precision Car Engine Cover parts.We have been providing high-end customized Car Engine Cover parts for Europe and America market.we devoted ourselves to auto parts many years, we will provide excellent service and competitive price for you, we are expecting become your long-term partner in China.

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China Heat Treated Car Engine Cover parts

Our team includes specialists in manufacturing engineering, multi-axis programming, quality control and project support. We expect to provide our customers with the best quality and 100% on-time delivery. We’re specialized in Aerospace, Military & Defense, Transportation, Machinery, Medical, Oil & Gas industries etc.

1. We offer contract manufacturing and make parts by ourselves, keep product information safety.

2. Use advance measurement techniques like 2D, 3D inspection to control the tolerance in +-0.001mm to +-0.1mm.

3. Over 13 years working experience with abundant processing skills, we will try the best to find out the most super value solution.

4. Fully equipped with over high tech 22 CNC, we are able to ensure the delivery and make mass production.

5. Imported American 4 axis, 5 axis CNC machines, the biggest run range is 1.8m, we can do large machining and complex machining with high precision.

China Heat Treated Car Engine Cover parts

Technical Support for China Heat Treated Car Engine Cover parts

An engine is a device that converts potential energy into mechanical work. So it needs high precision mechanical components to ensure the engine work perfectly. Molto precision machining service can guarantee all the details to feed your needs on design and engineering for car engine parts like car engine shaft, car engine mount, truck engine parts, car engine cover etc.  Molto precision machining adheres the spirit of “security, service, innovation”, for the principle of “Quality assurance, reasonable price, prompt delivery, supreme service”, which helps us win our partners all over the world !

QC,Packing and Delivery for Car Engine Cover parts

For the sake of in-time delivery and providing the highest quality. We ensure the below points:

1.Tech-support: Free online quote and Free production design (DFM).

2.Real Material: Check each material by OES and offer Material Cert.

3.Processing Control: Strictly processing control including first article inspection(FAI).

4.Immaculate Output: finished product inspection & quality report.


Plastic prototype:

ABS Part Machining

Home Application part

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