Plastic Case Prototype

Plastic Case Prototype

Molto From processing to after-sales Focus on rapid prototype and CNC processing Quality wins the market Molto rapid prototype factory Support production customization Plastic case prototype are the most commonly used prototypes . This is because plastic is cheap, easy to form, easy to paint,...

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Molto  From processing to after-sales

 Focus on rapid prototype and CNC processing    Quality wins the market

Molto rapid prototype factory      Support production customization

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 Plastic case prototype are the most commonly used prototypes .This is because plastic is cheap, easy to form, easy to paint, and strong enough to meet the needs of various types of prototype processing. The polishing and processing of plastic case prototype is relatively simple, and the smoothness of the surface is also easy to handle. Generally, if the surface needs to be colored and silk-screened after making the prototype, the surface adhesion should be good and not too slippery.

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 plastic case prototype (9)


                Plastic case prototype


              Available materials

POM (Delrin, Acetal)






               Surface effect

     Burnish(PMMA), Painting, Sculpture


      According to customers demand




  Application:  Vehicle parts, Various machine parts, Airplane parts etc.         


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Service process

1. Quotations for drawing of customers: Professional engineering and technical personnel provide product quotation according to the 3D drawings provided by customers.

2. Receive orders: a professional sale engineer team, responsible for contacting  customers to receive orders.

3. Program discussion and 3D programming: Make a suitable program in a short time according to customer demands.

4.Plastic case prototype: high production precision, the product surface treatment is very beautiful, the lines are clear, suitable for customers to exhibit and use.

5. Deal with the appearance of the product: the professional assembly team will deal with the appearance of the product

6. Confirm the packaging of the product: a professional team verifies the product, measures to ensure that it meets the customer's requirements, and then packages it for delivery.

plastic case prototype (12)

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